Pat Tiberi (R) vs. Jim Reese (D) – Representative to Congress (12th District)

Jim Reese responded on 10/8/2012. Answers were:

Personal score 60

  1. Agree
  2. Maybe
  3. Agree
  4. Disagree
  5. Maybe

Economic score 30

  1. Agree
  2. Disagree
  3. Disagree
  4. Disagree
  5. Maybe

So his responses would be classified as Centrist.


Pat Tiberi refused to answer the questions on 10/10/2012. Here’s what his campaign had to say:

Mr. Noble,

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in Congressman Tiberi’s candidacy.  As you might imagine, with over 700,000 people residing in the 12th congressional district, it’s not possible for us to respond to individual surveys. We believe that Congressman Tiberi’s long voting record, the many media voter guides he has completed and the countless news and interest group resources, make information about his positions readily available to any interested voter.

Thanks again,

Kristen Frissora
Campaign Manager
Tiberi for Congress

For background on this project, my original “Quizzing the Candidates” blog post here.

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